Edge Of Seventeen Chapter Nine : Call Of Duty - Written By Rihanne Maya




Call Of Duty

The BMW XM slowly grinds to a halt near a back street adjacent to the main street. Neon heaved a sigh and looked out the window.

A black Toyota Camry 2023 followed by a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, colloquially known as G-Wagon pulled at a parking lot. Two men in black suits rushed down from the car and approached the G-Wagon. The door swung open and a man in his early sixties emerged. He walked to the other side of the car and opened the door. A lady in her forties gently came down in a blue mini gown and in a pair of yellow six inches heels. She had a yellow sparkling purse dangling on her left shoulder.  

"Mr Frank my sugar papa,"The man hugged her closely with a romantic kiss on her red tinted lips from her lipstick bar," Let's enjoy the moment here together. " Mr Frank said grinning all out. The Mr Frank was my grandaunt from the village," what do we do about the second twin boy of Sarah now? I learnt the two boys are in the same dormitory in their school. I can't possibly lose my only son to that blind old witch that call herself Sarah. " She pursed her lips. 

"My sugar plum. Baby toyoyo!" Granduncle Frank reigned appraisals on her," I am currently mapping out on how to eliminate my grand nephew,what's his name again? Kelsey? Kelsey Clinton!" He hailed as he gently jammed the door and started off into a street.

"Is that his name? Kelsey Clinton! I think I have heard my son complaining about changing room with him," Jessica said audibly as they approached a wet street," If my husband Mark finds out about this two boys,I'm dead. And I can't afford to lose everything just like that. " 

The two security men in black suits stood at the parking lot,with their Polaroid core PLD black sunglasses on. Each of them also had earHero convert tactical earpiece on for easy communication and surveillance. 

"So it's true that my mother is having an affair outside her marriage with an old man. "Neon thought to himself.

Neon had always suspected his mother's handwriting of dating outside her matrimonial home. Although,he wasn't sure about it. However he darted out to make his research about his mother's suspicious behaviour. On a second note,it was Neon's spy that informed him about the location of where his mother and the old man had gone,the same day my mother's eyes opened. Thirdly,the old man is my granduncle,Mr Frank. 

Jessica and Frank united after seventeen years of dining together the night they transacted the sale of my twin brother,Neon. Uncle Frank then told Jessica of the repercussion of having me and Neon in the same school. So their aim was to get rid of me so only Neon would be the only son outstanding. 

For few seconds Neon probed from afar as he tried to figure out who the man could be. Although,the woman was his mother, Jessica Mide.

"Mum! He muttered," Kelsey Clinton is my roommate and Sarah,I heard Kelsey's aunt calling the blind woman this name. " Neon probed," What secret are these old people keeping from me?" He decided to trail behind them. 

Neon slightly pull up the left sleeves of his sweater to check his wrist watch and saw it was 08:00PM to the dot. With the duffle bag slung over his right shoulder,he started walking down the wet street with a heavy earthy and musty smell mixed with the smells of spoilt food leftover. As he did so,he glanced around the seemingly seedy areas that looked quite dirty,wet and empty. He walked past an over flowing large trash can surrounded with wet trash bags. Some were torn open with their contents spilled out. 

Neon read the neon signs of the buildings that he past by. Most were four or five floors with their signs they housed; Billiard rooms, internet Cafe,bath house and a rundown bar. 

One of the building is a motel of low class. Near it's front entrance stood a girl in her early nineteen. She wore a short blouse and a mini skirt that was very revealing. Her make-up looked severe and also wore an unusually big circle shaped ear rings. She was chewing and popping gum noisily as her fingers worked her phone. On seeing Neon walked past her,she paused in what she was doing and looked at him, regarding him suspiciously for a short while and continued with what she was doing. 

Neon wasn't in any way focused on her,but where he was going. 

He had earlier walked past two security men from his mother's lovers car. Both men stepped out and followed at a steady pace. He had sized up both men with a casual glance. One had an athlete body structure,bald shaved, neatly trimmed bears and average in height. The other was above average in height,well built with muscular body.  He had suspected their movements and his suspicious was confirmed when he increased his pace and they followed suit. And also did the same when he decreased it. 

"I'm suspecting the movement of this young man. "One of the security man said. 

"Let's follow him to see where he's going to. " The other man replied. 

As Neon approached a building,another black Toyota Camry car pulled off in front of him immediately near the motel. The door swung open and a well built man wearing a black leather jacket got out. He started walking towards Neon with his gaze fixed on him. He looked determined. 

"I think it's about to get down here. "Neon thought to himself. He was beginning to feel the adrenaline rush,but he remained calm and composed. And started making his calculations. 

Neon quickly felt the weight of his bag on his shoulder that had just note books and text books and decided it was good enough. 

The bald guy was at his left hand side and his partner at his right. The bag on his right shoulder is exactly where he want it to be. 

As the guy in black leather jacket got closer,he dipped his hand in the right pocket of his jacket. Then the other two guys behind Neon increased their pace,almost running towards him. Neon calmly let his bag slide from his shoulder down to his arm. He could now hear their breath sounds and tightened his grip on the bag strap. Neon then swung his bag at the bald guy followed by a thunderous punch. 

The sounds of fists meeting jaw and cheek bone sent cold shivers down the girls spine as she watched the Neon unleash an unending barrages of ferocious punches at the bald guy and his friend, bashing him left and right. And had him laid out on the ground unconscious,bleeding from the mouth and nostrils with lumps on his face. 

Neon balanced himself and swung at the other guy in black leather jacket with endless barrage of merciless and ferocious punches till he dropped unconsciously. 

The girl in mini shirt stared at Neon with a lot of fear written on her face,if expecting to be the next to go down like the three men lying on the wet ground. Neon saw the expression and gave her a reassuring weak wink and smile that said nothing will happen to her as long as she's not one of his assailants. Then the girl tried to calm her nerves and slightly shaking hands as she looked at the men again in the messy wet muddy ground. What she had seen was something she only saw in the movies. All she could remember was seeing a bald guy and probably his friend going at duffle bag  boy from behind with another guy in a black leather jacket coming from the opposite direction. Suddenly,with one movement,duffle bag boy swung his bag all the way to his back and clobbered bald guy's face with it. Then he dropped his bag and at the same time threw a right elbow strike to his back and hit bald guy's friend in the jaw. Grabbing the guys shirt and his collar with both hands,Neon hurled the guy over his shoulder like he was nothing but an empty trash can. With a judo flip,he sent him crashing into leather jacket guy who got knocked down like a bowling pin. 


... To Be Continued. 

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©️ Written By  Rihanne Maya

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