Edge Of Seventeen Chapter Four : My Dear Looser - Written by Rihanne Maya




My Dear Looser 

The shrill sound of the alarm clock startled Neon awoke. He hit the snooze button after it had gone off, looking confused and disoriented in his iPrestige Boxspring bed. 

He paused and cocked his ears for strange movements,but all he could hear was the buzz of the AC unit as it exuded a constant stream of frigid air. The vomited air mixed with the lukewarm atmosphere to create a temperature that was barely tolerable.

He reached out for his phone,but it wasn't where it was positioned,he then flung the blue and white flower-patterned duvet off his body to check the floor. 

He examined the floor closely and found what he had hoped to find. "There you are!" He shuffled and picked up his phone. 

Shortly,a vacuum cleaner was switched on. It was the house keeper. A dog growled at the sound of the vacuum cleaner,as he turned to check his time. 

"Oh shit! I'm running late. "Neon probed. He sprang up and moved quickly to his restroom. He then wrestled himself out of his pajamas and started off into the jacuzzi.

He flung himself down at the jacuzzi bathtub's edge and tumbled headlong into the cool purified water, calmly ingesting the aromatherapy of both lavender and geranium essential oils as he calmly closed his eyes. The frosty air makes warm breath turn to a slight translucent haze; continuos bird chirps echoed around the glossy polished tiling covering the whole bathroom.

Neon then popped off a container's lid and picked out two balls of bath bombs. He lowered them into the water,slowly dissolving them to release their shea butter and essential oils that leave the skin supple and even.

He calmly closed his eyes enjoying the scenery in the bathtub, suddenly his visions started to flicker...! BOOM!

An image of a blind young crying mother who had just given birth to a set of twins occupied his vision with blood stains all over her. A man in his mid fifties then came and snatched one of the child away and sold the baby to an unrecognized woman. "Give me back my baby! My baby!! My baby!!!" The young mother cried bitterly.

"Neon! Neon!! Neon!!! I'm your mother. Come back to me. Save your brother and I!" A strange voice called. 


Neon jolted sweating profusely in the bathtub. "The same dream again! It's been seventeen years now and I'm still having this same dream?" Neon thought to himself," But who exactly is this blind woman with a set of twins? How is it relatable to my me?" 

His mother, Jessica cut in with a call,"Neon you're running late baby. It's your first day at the University today!" She called but Neon kept mute. 

Neon does not need to be doused in designer perfume or bathe in cologne to smell good. He moisturized his skin with a HT25 Paris scented lotion right out of the shower after patting off excess water from his body. 

Targeting his pulse points,he dabbed and spritzed some colognes and sprays on his neck,crooks,elbows,wrists and back behind his knees. 

He allowed the scent to mix naturally with his body chemistry. As his body heated up, the scent would be activated and released.

Neon smell good all day, from wearing freshly laundered clothes to moisturizing with scented products.

The morning sun was misty until the sun was in full force. I had just celebrated my seventeenth years birthday and it was my first day in the University. I had so many emotions running trough me , it was the first time being in this level and the first time I had to leave my blind mother.  

"Always be a good boy oh!" My mum said.

"I will mum. "I replied.

"Don't be friends with cultist oh! You're here to study, remember. "Grandaunt Annabel said. "We are returning back home. Once you need anything,call us. " 

"Yes ma'am. "I replied. 

Upon my arrival that day at the beginning of the semester,after my grandaunt,Mrs Annabel and my mom had dropped me off and had returned,I stumbled upon a young man. 

A BMW XM pulled off behind me with High-end cabin finishings and big-power twin-turbo V-8. Two men in suites sprang out and started off to the trunk immediately,the trunk swung open and they carried luggages out of it.  

"Hey baby boy,don't forget to give me a call every day. "Jessica said to Neon. 

"Yes mum! I will do just that. "Neon responded with a straight face as he ascended the first set of stairs of the dormitory. 

I was just walking along the stunning car when I stamped on the young man. 

"Wow! What an expensive car. "I admired the car till I was lost in my own thoughts. I stood walked over for a few seconds until Neon snapped me back to reality. I never knew I was standing on his way. 

"Are you day dreaming, dummy? This is University and not some sort of Hight School experiences. " Neon said preening himself as he strutted up the stairs." What are you thinking about that struck you out that hard?" 

"Rude!" I muttered to myself. "He struts around like a rooster in a hen house." 

I followed behind Neon as he strutted into the somewhat dim interior after being in the bright morning sunlight and made his way to the principal's office. 

Mr. Kehinde,the principal,was a slightly rotund man with thinning gray hair and had been a principal for almost his entire adult life. He was kind and fair and well respected by the faculty. He smiled benignly when Neon and I entered his office and waved us into chairs , opposite his large cluttered desk. 

"Gentlemen," He called grinning at us. " You must be Neon Mide,the governor's grandson,and you..." He pointed to me," You must be Kelsey Clinton,one of the best students of St. Anthony High School "He grinned at me warmly. "I have some folders here detailing your schedules. I will take you both to your classes and thereafter,your dormitories. " He said. 

"Thank you sir," I said smiling. 

"Errr! Neon! Kelsey Clinton here will be your personal mentor from today. I think you two will get along famously. " Mr Kehinde said to Neon. " Kelsey,meet me later for your subjects and their paper grading. "He concluded. 

"Why are you tagging me to a total stranger?" Neon asked. "At least it should be a beautiful girl and not some kind of losers?"

"Excuse me?!" I exclaimed. 

"I think Kelsey can answer any questions you may have. But right now,you two should come with me immediately. "Mr Kehinde shook hands with us as he walked out of the office. We followed behind him till we arrived at a dormitory. 

"You boys will need your room numbers to be grouped properly. "Mr Kehinde said. 

"I already have my room number. Just make sure that I'm not in the same room with this loser." Neon fired at me. 

"That won't be necessary, because I too wouldn't want to be in the same room with a trouble maker like you. "I fired back at him. 

"Did you just refer to me as a trouble maker?" Neon thundered trying to hit me. 

"Don't you dare lay your fingers on me,don't you dare!" I queried. 

"You can't lay a hand on a student in your first day here. That's abuse and it's highly intolerable. It's prohibited. " Mr Kehinde cut in. "The most important thing here is that you both are in the University already,so Neon what's your ticket number?" He asked. 

"2-4-4." I unwrapped my ticket and called out the figures on it. 

"Good! So,Mr Mide,what's your ticket number?" Mr Kehinde asked Neon.

Neon unwrapped his own paper and read out the written figures on it," It's 2-4-4. " He read it aloud and paused," Wait! What?!" He exclaimed. 

"That means,you too are roommates!" Mr Kehinde said grinning. "These are your key cards. Make sure you both get along soon. " 

... To Be Continued.

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 Written by ©️ Rihanne Maya

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