Edge Of Seventeen Chapter Five : Age Of Iniquity - Written By Rihanne Maya




Age Of Iniquity

"I need a room change as soon as possible," Neon queried," Because I do not want to share a room with this looser of a boy. " 

"How pompous and arrogant! It is the effrontery for me," I fired back at him," No iota of respect. I can see that you're encapsulated in disrespect. "

"Enough! You guys can't continue like this! You have a long time to spend together," Mr Kehinde cut in," How long will you two continue to quarrel like high school girls?" He paused with his hand stretched out towards me," Key card!" 

Mr Kehinde then slid the key card into the automated door slot and the encrypted door beeped and sprang open.

"Welcome to your room,young birds," He heaved a sigh as he walked in.  

By the window sat a beautiful iElegant Boxspring bed,with a blue patterned inscription of 'Neon' inscribed on the blue duvet and two white pillows. The second was a casual MedMattress bed by the corner of the wall,just before the restroom. I knew this was mine. 

"Alright gentlemen,need I remind you of your beds? You know what to do. "Mr Kehinde said grinning," That's your bed right there, Kelsey. Neon's bed is best described. " He said. 

With the tour completed,I sank into a purple chair opposite Neon's desk and sighed. I was excited and nervous about the first day and almost wished it would just hurry up and arrive. 

"Oh Neon,I forgot to show you the most important thing," Mr Kehinde said," Come here. " 

Neon walked over to what appeared to be a sky blue closet and opened the door. Inside was a small office containing two white desks,a file cabinet and a small blue bookshelf. As Neon walked over to get a better look,he noticed a love seat covered in chintz fabrics ,an end table with a blue wicker lamp. A crotched floral rug graced the floor. 

Before Neon could speak, Mr Kehinde explained ,"This is your office for study. It took us months to get it designed according to your favourite colours. It is so nice to have your own space like this. "

"It's nice,at least more manly than some sort of feminine colours!" Neon retorted with a rising tone filled of jealousy. 

"Excuse me?!" I exclaimed," The colour purple is unisex. Don't even go there. "I queried. 

"Ughhhj! "Mr Kehinde heaved a sigh.

That same day,Mr Kehinde took Neon and I to our class. The sun was just glistening like pearls in the sky. The first subject was about closing when Mr Kehinde walked into the classroom. 

"Good morning sir. "Mrs Gina greeted as the principal walked into the classroom. The entire class followed as well. 

"Good morning to you all. We have two new students today," He paused and turned towards the door frame. Neon and I were standing at the balcony confusingly staring at each other. 

"Gentlemen,please. Come and introduce yourselves. " He said. 

Neon stared at me intently as I walked passed him," Good morning everyone,my name is Kelsey Clinton,this is my first day in school. I hope you treat me well. "I grinned immediately. Neon followed after me. 

"I am Neon Mide,this is my first time here. "He paused," I like clean people around me. If you are sweaty and dirty,you won't come close to me. "Neon shamelessly said. 

"Can you imagine the effrontery?" Some girls muttered. 

"Have your seats gentlemen. "Mr Kehinde said.

"This way Kelsey," A girl called smiling at me," Sit with me. "She called. I moved and sat on her seat. Neon then sat on a seat behind us. 

"My name is Jane,you seems to be good with the provost already,Mr Kehinde," Jane said with a perfect grin,"What's your room number? Can I visit you?" 

Neon cleared his throat and replied," No you can't possibly do that," Neon fired at Jane," He's too young to start seeing any girl for now. "He said. 

"Are you two brothers?" Jane asked but there was a long pause as we couldn't respond to her. 

Back in my mother's village. 

With the cold breeze in the wind warmth of the sun on my granduncle's face(Frank);he tied a red cloth on his bare body and approached a flowing river with a roaster in his right hand and a calabash of fresh blood on his left hand. He firmly held the roaster by its legs and swung it round his head three times. He paused looking down the shimmering flowing water as it glistened along the sun ray. 

" It's been seventeen years now and Sarah is yet to return back to this village," He swung the roaster again round his head three times and paused mid way," Sarah! Sarah!! I call you back home from Lagos. Come back home,now! Now!! Now!!! Come ba...!" He paused abruptly," I am taking you as my new wife,come back to me. "

"Nooooooooo! Noooo!! The boys are together already? How?! When?! Where?!" Granduncle Frank shivered in confusion," No way! Goddess Eve! Goddess Eve!!" He swung the roaster again and released it into the flowing river. He watched as the water carried it away and immediately,a water goddess emerged from the flowing water. 

She was glowing in her sheen dark complexion with her irresistible curves."What is it this time,Frank?" The water goddess queried in a hushed tone. 

"The boys are back together,but they don't know yet. That means my life is in grave danger. " He wailed," Because their opportunity of knowing each other is very huge. "

"You must fulfill your covenant. All you should do now is return Sarah back home into this village,then the possibility of Kelsey coming back here would be invented," The goddess cautioned," You have to act fast or pay with your own life. " 

"What do I do now?" He asked. 

"You only have four people left in your family,Sarah and her two sons,then your sister,Mrs Annabel," She ingested. 

"What exactly do I do now?!" He asked. 

"Separation Frank! The boys have to be separated. For this to be possible,I will need to send one of my daughters to them," Goddess Eve said grinning," She will separate them and thereafter,strike the elder son." She gave a devilish smirk. 

"Yes! Yes!!" Frank rejoiced endlessly. He then stretched out the calabash with blood in front of him. He slowly poured the blood into the river as he chanted," Wipe out the lineage! Wipe out the lineage!! Wipe out the lineage. " He continued. 

Suddenly,a strange image sprang into view. It then turned into a beautiful young lady. 

"Do not forget our covenant,Frank. " She said with a wavering tone. 

"I remember all my princess,that's why I'm here to fulfill it. "Frank said," I'm gradually aging. I need young bloods to renew my body cells,so I can be young again and forever. " He said. 

"The more blood you share,the younger you become. "She said," The bloods of your seventeen years old grand nephews are the perfect keys to seal this covenant. "She said. "

... To Be Continued. 

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©️ Written By Rihanne Maya.

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