Blessing CEO condemns Phyna's wig

 I'm understanding that this girl is always trending because of her strategic method of nurturing the beef and savages among all the trending people to keep her relevant, but I have a question that also requires an answer.

It is high time you learn from the daily events that can easily happen to anyone recently. It seems to have become widespread and many public figures have health problems with each other while depending on public support. What happens if such a thing becomes? of her tomorrow.

I'm just trying to make a point and not wish that on her, but there are things no one can predict. I want us to always learn from each other's experience. Why would she be with everyone and always go through those motions every day arguing? Some people hardly know how to forgive and if they have never offended you, listen to what they tell you because they never looked for your problems, it is time for us to be cautious with the media implications.

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